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Kespet claddings

Kespet's quality sheet metal claddings are available in ISOPARTNER stores

ISOPARTNER sells Kespet Oy's high-quality insulation protective claddings. Our selection includes elbows for HVAC, AC, process pipelines, pipes, and formed pieces (cones, t-joints, t-pieces, end caps) and special parts. The products meet the requirements of the industry's national standards and building regulations. All products can also be manufactured per the requirements of any national building regulations and standards and according to the customer's needs.

Kespet's quality sheet metal claddings

Easy to install – Easy to trust

Sheet metal claddings belong to fire class A1 (RakMK), according to E1. The claddings have a fire-limiting effect and do not release toxic smoke gases into the air. Instead, the insulation remains protected, and the spread of the fire slows down. The impact resistance of our claddings extends the service life of the insulations against mechanical wear as well. The products are ready for installation and fully recyclable. Fastening is done with pop rivets, screws, and quick locks.
Protective claddings are available in different materials and color options; ask more about our sales.

Vessel and tank claddings

Our selection also includes Kespet Oy's high-quality tank and vessel claddings, for example, for insulation projects in the process industry and factories. Zeppelin and cone gables are available for tanks. Kespet's claddings are manufactured and dimensioned according to the customer's needs and the necessary standards.

The end caps are manufactured by PSK standard 3978 and assembled into ready-to-install segments or blocks. Products can also be ordered according to the standard end cap model and based on your own measurements. Several different seam models can be implemented in the end caps.

We also sell tank skirts for vertical and horizontal tanks, pre-punched and cut to size. The products can be manufactured with standard or other overlaps as needed.

Vessel and tank claddings_Kespet
Kespet_Insulation boxes_Eristyskotelot

Insulation boxes

Devices, valves, and flanges should be insulated to protect the object from mechanical wear and save energy. We manufacture insulation boxes for all of the above in accordance with the customer's wishes.

Wool spikes, locks, and insulation are included in the price of the insulation box. A hole can also be pre-made in the insulation box according to the dimensions and location specified by the customer. You can choose a reinforced seam or a more traditional simple seam for the boxes. The boxes are available in multi-part con,ical, and vertical boxes.

Base and support structures

The base and support structures ensure the quality of the insulation and protective cladding installation and the strength of the structure. Kespet's production manufactures support rings and systems for all HVAC and process pipelines.

Our selection includes support rings for mat and sheet insulation, cones, support steels, bars, and insulation fastening spikes. The materials meet the requirements of industry standards. Base and support structures, insulation materials, and protective claddings together ensure that the processes function as planned.

Kespet_Base and support structures

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